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About us

Gro Furset 55 years, is the founder, owner and CEO of Den lille Juicefabrikken (Dljf) and is a trained nurse and nutrition therapist.. Dljf was founded in 2014, the same year Gro´s father got colon cancer. Then she tarted to search and learn more about our microbiome and living bacterias. 80 % of todays scientists claim that everything starts in the  gut, both physically and mentally. 
The bottle is a fermented herbal drink with turmeric, ginger, chili and different bacterial strains. This special bacterial blend has been on the market for over 20 years and is well proven. When our sterile food industry are chasing increasing shelf life, bacterias disappeared. This again, might give our bodys many challenges. 

Gros advice: "Take care of your gut health for your own daily well beeing!"

Hope the bottle/drink will do you good!

Love Gro 💚


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